Friday, March 12, 2010

attack of the morning rant

Walking around. Faceless. Knowing nothing, of ourselves.
This is society.
This is us.
This is the collective.
This is globalization.

Too much time pondering what others are wearing, what others are doing.
Gazing, admiring, envious...too much time.

What is humanity if humanity bestows no insides upon itself. Humanity is shallow.

Too many members of humanity know not themselves, only know too much of others.
So much heresay. So much observation.
Observe oneself, observe and know, so society runs deep.

Humanity deepens.

Trying to connect to others, try to connect to you. only you.

To know to know others... there are no others without the self.

only if others know themselves.

let's jump into the mirror...let's join the face we see.
let's search behind it.
let's all do this so we may know each other, truly, truly know one another.

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