Thursday, August 26, 2010

I saw a man about a horse

Lake Placid scooped outta me some much needed light-hearted fun. A part of my spirit I tend to ignore lately. My beautiful best friend Ashley Dawn and I broke in my new car, Bonnie, with a road trip. It was grand. When we arrived in Saranac we went straight to the rugby park to see the team kick some serious booty. Then we headed to the traditional dwelling of all the rugby boys and men at Schulte's, or however you spell the place. Later in the night Ashley and I got into a bit of a verbal fight with some police men. We'd been bar hopping and dancing and needed a cab. Ashley, the smooth talker she is (especially with members of the opposite sex), asked the police if they may be so inclined to call us a cab. It became swiftly apparent to us that these officials in uniform wanted nothing to do with chivalry. Ashley noticed the cop's oversized SUV idling while he chatted up some drunk locals on the sidewalk. "Why is your car running?" she boldly inquires.

"So it's warm when I get back in it," the ignorant official informs us.

"That's illegal in Canada," I say, with confidence.

"Well, we're not in Canada, are we?" He replies.

"No, that's too bad."

Clearly, the do-gooders Ms. Dawn and I are, we are completely baffled by this. We cross the street in hopes of finding a cab. After several minutes of waiting in our barely clothed selves, we decided we are just too damn cold. We cross the street again to join our favourite men in uniform. It appears our Earth-hating enemy has gathered with some more police men, who also seem to ignore the fact that the SUV has been idling for over 20 minutes now.

"Excuse me," Ashley interrupts their conversation, "is there a reason your buddy's car is still running?"

"Yeah, it's so everything is charged, so our stuff is charged, you know in case there's an emergency of sorts."

"Right, so are you alright with this decision? Do you live with your decisions or are you tormented at night when you try to sleep?"

I'm quite certain that our drunken attempt at protesting this man's blatent display of neglect to take responsibility for his share of emmissions did fuck all but make the cops resent us. But hey, as long as we spoke on behalf of mother nature, we can rest assured we've done more than they have.

Another night Ashley and my momma got a little boozie, and snuggly too, as you can see in the photo below.

And of course, the besties shared a smooch too.

Ashley's arms, tat and accessories included!

And I, the aloof little one.

Alright, moving on to my birthday.

Ashley took me out for a swaggy dinner chez Oz Kafe. It just so happened that an old friend Merrill was working and she brought me a lovely little surprise: desert! I was very grateful. See the gratitude in my face?

Alright, so then a few of us headed to celebrate. Daly had many faces that night. Ashley spilled beer all over herself. And Dustin, being the knight he is, was as tall and large as ever, as shown below.

And then there was this guy, who, despite calling the street his home, has not given up his day job of funny face making and hockey fanatic rituals.