Monday, February 21, 2011

miami heat

Nearing the closing days of December I dipped down to Miami for 8 days of vacation fun. I spent most of my time fiddling with my new Canon G12 (courtesy of ma and papa steve a la xmas gift) and walking around solo. But I also went to Ft.Lauderdale to party and act a fool. I visited the design district and a few galleries in Miami, just to keep myself from being lost in the jersey shore wannabe culture. Seriously, everyone down there dresses like a skank ball. Anyhoodle.

The photos almost all speak for themselves so I'll get on with it and add some captions here and there.

part 1 : boardwalk mission

This photo was taken during one of my creepier's creepy to take photos of children you don't know...but I wanted to save what i thought to be a beautiful memory that a beautiful family had created right on front of me. So really, it's their fault i am so creepy.

that's a stray dog up there. click on the photo to enlarge. poor guy has a gimp leg.
I loved walking that boardwalk, especially when hobos like these were striding ahead of me. I love hobos god dammit.

"Knitta pleeeease"... Knit street art is a movement that was born out of Texas and continues to grow thanks to its founder Magda Sayeg. she has knitted sweaters for all sorts of urban architecture...she's even knitted a city bus! This bike, however, is not a Magda Sayeg original for two obvious reasons. the first being that she wouldn't knit the tires.Magda is a fair and responsible and considerate street artist and thus does not want to obstruct any object's functionality. Secondly, this sweater isn't as intricate as her work. but once I discovered knitta, the shit pops up everywhere. A tree outside of my boyfriend's place on York st in Ottawa is knitted, check ca, check check.

alright, back to the seriousness that was my trip.

Ocean Ave times two.

So I was staying chez Tony and Claire and below is the view from their balcony and as you can see they've got a sweet swimming pool. I didn't swim in it once....but it's a damn swell place to read next to.

money shot..cleavage and shit.

snails. pink snails. you haven't the faintest idea how badly i wanted to be stoned with these ladies. tabarnac.

part two: juvenile fun.

best party back yard, ever.

G and andre

So I promised a certain dude I wouldn't post the naked photos of him from this trip...but to paint a picture: we played a game in the car and he lost so he ended up naked on the side of the road in Ft.Lauderdale. it was awesome and his ass is white as snow.
the end.

Now for more photos.

nekked boys in cars. and such.

completely really ridiculously silly photos


  1. I would like you to know how wildly bizarre I find it that we apparently have both created the e x a c t same (If I am correct..) mis-matched swimsuit.

    I have a yellow and black polka bandeau top from Target (exactly like yours). And non-matching (but still matching!) high-waisted black bottoms from American Apparel.


  2. that is EGGSACTLY the same non matching, but still matching, swimsuit. god dayumn!