Saturday, July 24, 2010

buddy holly version two point oh.

I've been having a little fun lately. Yes that's right, the F word. I spent three drunken days and nights at bluesfest dancing outdoors and admiring the hotties on the stage. But before that I attended two weddings, both with my great pal D who is now sitting by the window in his apartment in paris sipping on some diabetes friendly beverage and reading nobokov or some other influential author. D, we all miss you and you've been gone a mere few days.

Here's a shot from us at one of the weddings. I'm wearing this black dress I got at a vintage shop called Ragtime here in Ottawack. I'm obsessed with it. I finally found something to wear it to!

Here I am farming. I've got a full bag of tricks. I can write, I can sing, and I can drive antique tractors. Notice the pink shoes? did a lot of people.

The wedding was a hoot.
Thanks D, for reminding me that I'm still full of life and fun to be around at times, regardless of my health.

So bluesfest came and saw and conquered my weekend. I also got wastey...which for me is a rare occasion nowadays. But it was great! The first night was a good time. Dizzle and I waited in line at the ID tent for a good 20 minutes before we got our bracelets. And another 20 of edgey, anxious, and impatient foot tapping in line for booze. When we approached the server she asked for ID. I only have my BC driver's license on me most of the time and because I didn't have bangs back then, the girl was an outright bitch. She made me pull back my hair. Asked one of the other workers how tall 150cm is and if I looked like I was that short. I thought to myself, shit, if she thinks I'm taller than my ID then there may be hope for me yet! Then Daly ordered his drink and she gave him a kick in the balls. Not literally of course. But I suppose they're all just doing their jobs...

We watched Drake, who was awful...and the Stars..who I've always enjoyed. Because I'm four-foot-eleven I got onto Daly's shoulders to see.

that face he's making is because I was drunkenly falling backwards and he was trying to pose while keeping me alive.

Okay. Saturday proved to be less driven and more low key. I danced in the afternoon at the Whigs show and stared at the bassist Tim. He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I'm not a groupie and have never desired to be, but shit...that's one hot musician. I was on the big screen during their show at least a dozen times. It was slightly embarassing. I'm not sure why. My mom said the camera dude has a crush on me...but it could have been that I was moshing alone at 6pm and wearing a very interesting hat. Who knows. Then we went to the comedy tent which was hilaaaarious. And lewis black was performing that night too. Man, he's a riot. check out some of his stand up some day if you have the opportunity.

Finally, sunday I met up with Mikey and we laid on the grass like a couple of hobos while all sorts of acts played on stage. We were both exhausted so we passed out and woke up just in time for me to link up with D and go watch .....


We were right up front and Rivers was all over the place, playing the crowd like a winning poker hand...oh and speaking of poker...Anyone else absolutely love their cover of poker face? And rivers' amazing lady gaga wig. Shweet. The vibe out there was unforgettable. I've been to a lot of shows and Weezer puts on one of the best. I loved that they unintentionally mocked mgmt by covering kids. It's as if they were saying "ya, we're getting old, but we still rock the house louder than you new fuckers."

The last song they played buddy was their encore presentation. And at the very end, they proceeded to mish mash together in a paradise of percussion. All of them jamming on the drum kit. Stellaaaarrr!

Next weekend my BFF and I are headed to lake placid. the dog is coming with. Pictures will be plentiful so stay tuned. And then on my birthday (august 7th) I'm finally getting my first custom tattoo. :) I hate my birthday. I've always hated it. So I suppose I may as well do something rad to make myself hate it a little less and put something permanent on my body.

now I must go be free in the forest with blondie over here. she's due for a pee and a poo and a hike with her beloved.

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  1. youre the coolest girl i know.period.