Monday, July 12, 2010

how do you solve a problem like Maria

Time is measured by the in-between
Of rational would-be's and
Irrevocable have to be's.
And the coffee dates served
To you and your nomad on
Frigid trays.
And the separation
The despair on the washroom floor
and loss of accountability
by achievement and failure.

Ruled by time
Suffocating to have one life
And eternity, too heavy!
Release the pressure my sweet,
Sweet little tablet.
Steal it--
those hands that say:
a minute has come and gone.
Rid me of agenda and
Replace sensibility with something
Like a Myrmidon who submits
To the chief of the unconscious.

So that
Days become precious
little jewels in the box.
Pick one to wear today
Time forces decision
And choice is foe--
It never gave me the day off to
experience paralysis of
All extremities that cause
All the voices to say
Pick me, do me!

Feed me an abundance of
Freedom and I will only discover
That so long as the hour persists
Liberty remains to be a handicap.

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  1. Stephyyyyy I love it! Please give me an email or message sometime! It's been forever and I want to know how you're doing!