Saturday, December 4, 2010

la terreur CHOUINARD!

During filming of "The Perfect Roommate" I went to visit Chloe-La Terreur-Chouinard in Montréal on my two days off. We met at Sweet William. A newly operating rad-doubling as a photography studio- hair salon. Bernie Fernandez, part owner, is a friend of Chloe's who I've met a couple of times. The dude is splendid company. Plus, check the wall paper, is it wicked, or is it wicked?

I was having a bit of a laugh-attack and Bernie jumped in.

what salon would be complete without the most adorable vintage sitting chair?

Or the most comfortable hair washing station EVER?

We hopped along to the Sparrow for a small dinner then to le Belmont to check out a DJ Terreur digs. Chloe and I fell in love and took photos.
See the love? It's coming out of our noses.

When Chloe visited Ottawa her, D, and I, went to value VEE! Andrew is a goof. And this photo proves such.

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