Friday, December 31, 2010

reminds me of the ad

"have you any grey poupon?" or perhaps they say "do you have any grey poupon?" I ought to youtube the damned commercial but I'm feeling rather lethargic at the moment. I leave at 8am tomorrow morning for Miami...home of the Heat, Dexter, and Vice. But even more wonderful is the vintage shopping! Below is today's outfit. All of which is thrifted except for the knee high socks. those were a winners buy!

Sweater- thrifted - value village
Lace up boots - thrifted - value village
jeggings - thrifted - good will store


  1. how random! i was on chictopia this morning, right before work, and came across your image here. i studied your outfit for a good two minutes because i loved it and then i realized i was late for work. i meant to leave a comment but i didn't have time so i left your page up on the screen so i could get back to it later, but now i've found your blog! anyway, i love this outfit!

  2. haha well thanks for the love! :) much appreciated

  3. love the winter look!

  4. nice pics, so lovely :)
    follow me ;>??
    kisses from pepa

  5. I love the print on this sweater!