Friday, December 10, 2010

three courses for confidence

I'd like to run into someone in my head space. We'd collide and stroll through the vastness of ourselves and of each other. I'd like someone in there...just to see my insides. Maybe they'd rearrange a few things and bring some light into this place. They could design a whole new floor plan and I'd suddenly find myself at home. And I'd dwell there and it would be healthy instead of self destructive. We'd enjoy the newly acquired furnishings and decor. We'd sip tea topped with philosophy and a teaspoon of insight. We could even bake a cake made entirely of good intentions. We could cook dinner and stir in some optimism and wash it down with a pint of pride and then move onto a salad mixed with self-awareness and peace and when our cake is warm and ready, we'd devour that too. We'd become the perfect people. Completely uninhibited. Completely morally just. Completely...complete.

1 comment:

  1. When you're ready over there you can sent that someone over to my head space..